The Lorelei Clutch

  • $11.00

Sometimes you need something more discreet than a tote bag to hold your emergency essentials. The Lorelei Clutch was inspired by Meredith’s daughter, Lorelei. At 9 years old, Lorelei has autoimmune disorders that make it necessary to carry extra underwear, socks, and gloves with her at all times; she also gets nauseous and carsick frequently, so she carries disinfecting wipes and hard candy with her everywhere she goes. Like most of us, she wanted something fun but discreet to carry her emergency essentials in.

This clutch is slim but roomy, so it will fit easily in a backpack, purse, desk drawer. It also slides easily next to the driver's seat of a car. Use it in a larger purse to hold important papers or a tablet; stash it in your locker at work with deodorant wipes, lip balm, tampons, a mini brush, and dry shampoo for days you couldn’t shower; or use it to carry your watercolor pencils or latest cross stitch project on the go.

The clutch has an internal pocket for carrying cards, cash, or other small items. It snaps securely shut.

Materials: Red and light gray felt; white and black vegan leather.

Dimensions: 11 inches wide by 7.25 inches deep

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