Social (Anxiety) Butterfly Cards

  • $10.25

Contrary to what we thought when we were 13, social situations don’t always get easier as you get older. But HavenTree is here to help!

These cards are:

tiny tools for connecting with other humans and being brave, even when you're scared, tired, overwhelmed, nervous, nauseous, and want to go home.

You can practice sharing good things in small ways with the Compliment Cards, or get to know someone better with the “Let’s Be Friends” Cards.

Each set includes 20 cards: 10 “Let’s Be Friends” cards + 10 Compliment cards


More about Social (Anxiety) Butterfly Cards:

Connection is one of our basic human needs. In order of importance it goes:

Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Connection.

When we don't make connections, it takes a toll on our physical and emotional health.

But nobody really teaches us how to make connections! It’s not an automatic instinct, like breathing. Creating and maintaining relationships takes vulnerability and conscious effort.

HavenTree is here to help you!

When you find someone out in the wild who you think might fit the friendship bill for you, pull out one of these cards, fill it out, and take a chance! At the least you'll be giving that person a kind boost -- and you might just make a new friend.

We know it may feel scary at first. The most important things always do! Being scared lets you know it's something you care about deeply.

You can do it! You are way to cool a person to keep to yourself.

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