Self Care for New Parents Gift Box

  • $54.00

Whether you're welcoming a newborn, opening your heart to a foster child, or adopting an older child -- it's a big adjustment, and new parents need self care more than ever.

That's why each HavenTree Box is stuffed with self care gifts that go beyond pampering to foundational self care -- the most basic and powerful things we can do to rest, recharge, and heal. 

Each box contains a unique combination of items we choose based on your customizations and our experience assembling over a hundred care packages for new parents. Just answer a few questions, write a personal message, and we'll do the rest.

You or your recipient will receive a box of self care gear and mental health tools that help make the good moments in life outweigh the bad. Because that's what self care is all about.

That includes

  • luxurious multi-purpose textiles
  • jewelry that motivates, inspires, and helps you manage stress
  • anxiety aides, adult fidgets, and activities for when you feel twitchy
  • bath, body, and personal care products that double as sensory tools
  • our exclusive Scapegrace Stationery line of self care stationery, including our best-selling How to Help, Difficult Problems, and Adulting notepads, our Self Care Planner, and "Social Anxiety Butterfly Cards."
  • low-stress creative self care projects like collage journals, worry rock kits, and paper crafts
  • tools to simplify and organize your life

Each box comes with a special "New Parents" edition of Cultivate, our exclusive self care zine. It's packed with articles, essays from real people sharing how they make self care work, and strategies for finding what works for you. Many of our subscribers and care package recipients tell us that Cultivate is their favorite part of the box:

"It's like getting a care package and a book of pep talks from my awesome friend who just gets it. You never tell people to just be positive or that things aren't so bad, and you don't give me lists of more things I have to do. The articles just make me feel less alone."

-Mary S., HavenTree Subscriber

This box is the perfect gift for:

  • New moms
  • Foster parents
  • Single parents
  • Adoptive parents
  • Legal guardians and caretakers

Note: The items pictured are representative of what might go in your box. Each box will include a custom combination of items we curate for you.

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