Phone Ring

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We have autoimmune disorders that affect our grips. Which means we drop our phones. A lot.

We went searching for something to help, and discovered these phone rings. They're a little tool that has made a big difference in our lives!  

The ring works as a gripping aid, an adjustable kickstand, and a mounting system for your device.  We use ours to keep our screen propped up and visible while sitting at a desk, video messaging, laying in bed sick, or driving.

They alleviate andprevent wrist and finger strain from holding devices allllll day long, as well as cracked screens from dropping our phones constantly. 

The ring has been tested up to 15lbs, so you can use it hold both smartphones AND tablets. 

The included hook has a strong, permanent adhesive designed to stick to your car dashboard, even in extreme heat. You can also place removable adhesive hooks (like Command Strips) around the home or work so you can hang your phone anywhere you need it. 

Remove and reapply the ring any time without leaving a residue. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so you can break the seal with a thin instrument, remove it, rinse it off with water, and reapply it whenever you want. 

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