K.Y.S.T. Organizers and Travel Wallets

  • $36.50

The K.Y.S.T. organizer does just that: helps you keep yourself (and your sh*t) together -- physically and mentally.  

Water resistant (you can dump a glass of water on it and it just rolls off!) and RFID blocking, it's ideal for carrying important papers, electronic devices, and credit/debit cards.

There's plenty of room for carrying all the little things you need, too: bandaids, a tablet, pens, stamps, prescriptions, notebooks, protein bars, IEP forms, an extra key, and bus fare. 

The tag on the front reads WINNER -- because when you do self care, you ARE a winner, dammit!

The handle makes it easy to carry, and the slim design stashes easily in the car, on your desk, or in a bag. Now available in our original Deluxe size (7.1 x 9.8 inches -- about the size of a semi B5 notebook) and the new Slim size (5.5 x 9 inches). 

Both sizes feature:

  • Full zipper closure that passed our rigorous "Here, kids!  Yank on this zipper 50 times as hard as you can to see if you can break it!" test
  • An external pocket open on the front
  • Internal, elastic pen loop on the spine that expands to hold 2-3 pens
  • 2 mini clear pockets for paper clips and other small items
  • An internal, clear zippered pocket for coins and other small items
  • All man-made materials
  • Water resistant exterior
  • RFID blocking

The Slim size features:

  • 9 internal credit card-sized vertical slots
  • 5 large vertical pockets, including one expanding mesh pocket
  • 2 full-sized, open, vertical pockets for storing larger papers or other items (large enough to hold a checkbook or "weeks" sized planner)

The Deluxe size features:

  • Main compartment is large enough to hold a standard iPad with room for accessories and chargers
  • Internal zipper pocket is sized to hold a Kindle Fire.
  • An additional external pocket on the back
  • 2 additional credit card pockets, for a total of 11
  • 6 large vertical pockets, including one expanding mesh one
  • 3 full-sized internal pockets (2 open, 1 zippered) for storing large notebooks, cash, tablets, and paperwork

If you're having trouble visualizing the sizes: the Slim can hold a piece of paper folded in thirds and can hold a standard business envelope. The Deluxe is big enough to hold a piece of paper folded in half, with lots of room to spare.

The Deluxe Keep Your Shit Together organizer measures 7.1 inches wide by 9.8 inches tall. It is approximately the same size as a semi-B5 notebook, though we do not recommend trying to store that size inside as it would be so tight that the zipper might damage your notebook. 

The notebook comes in three colors:

  • Dark Teal (a deep blue with strong green undertones)
  • Jet Black (a true, unheathered, deep black)
  • Sky Blue (a cheery, solid light blue with a hint of a gray undertone)

As of January 2020, the Heathered Mist (a variegated blend of ice blue and light gray) has been discontinued.

Originally featured in the Winter 2018 HavenTree Self Care Box!

Made in China

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