"I Can" Vintage Spoon Keychain

  • $15.00

Handmade in our shop from stainless steel spoons we find in thrift shops and estate sales, no two “I Can” Spoon Keychains are alike. Yours is as unique as you are. It’s not perfect — you’ll see signs of age and use on it. It’s like each of us that way. When you hold it, we hope you feel your own strength. You’re enough. You will get through this. Just take a breath, take care of yourself, and whisper, “I can.”

Self care principles are universal, but their applications aren’t. Remember that self care is self-determined, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to give you benefits. It just has to be what works for you.

Each keychain features a 1.5 inch key ring, a stainless steel spoon handle fob, and a charm with the words "I CAN" engraved on it. It comes wrapped in a burlap roll, tied with string, and with a gold "Philomela by HavenTree" tag. 

It's the perfect gift for the spoonie in your life.


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