Good Night Sleep Set for Self Care & Sleep Hygiene

  • $14.25


  • Seamless foam eye mask
  • 4 sets of earplugs with reusable travel cases
  • Root + Branch Soothing Rosewater Spray for Linen and Face in a glass bottle with a black pump
  • A booklet of strategies for using these tools to find what works for you
  • Comes already gift wrapped in a cotton muslin bag with a foiled "Take care!" tag.

Sleep is hard. We’re kind of experts on bad sleep — both chronic insomniacs who often can’t sleep without medication, if then. We know what it’s like to associate bedtime with stress and frustration. And we're intimately acquainted with the cracks on our bedroom ceilings.
After reading all the books on sleep hygiene and trying everything, we wish we could give you a guaranteed silver bullet for insomnia. There just isn’t one. But we have learned that two things -- rituals and the right tools -- can decrease sleep stress and minimize distractions.

Rituals signal to your body and brain that a change is happening — like the transition from busy to rest. They can be practical, luxurious, or both. Rituals also make dreaded or difficult activities more enjoyable and less stressful.
The right tools address the physical and logistical factors that interfere with your sleep. They could be medication, noise machines, the right alarm clock, curtains, sleep masks, ear plugs, or anything else that helps your body and brain get to sleep and stay asleep.

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