Therapy Dough - Possible Recall

February 13, 2019

Potential recall issue with an item in the Winter Box:

The Winter HavenTree Box contains a sampler pack of therapy dough in metal tins. Our container supplier has just notified us that the sanitizing equipment that processed the metal containers and lids for our therapy dough may have malfunctioned. 

Our therapy dough is formulated to inhibit mold and bacterial growth.

But if the lids were not properly sanitized, there is a risk that mold or bacteria may grow on the surface of the dough.

We do not know for sure if our containers were affected -- and it won't affect anything else in the box -- but we want all of our subscribers to please be careful opening the metal tins.

Again, we don’t know for sure if this is an issue, but we’d rather be transparent and extra cautious than put anyone’s health at risk.

What should my therapy dough look like?

When you open your containers, your therapy dough should be malleable and soft. The surface should be smooth and the color should be uniform.

How will I know if it's contaminated?

If you notice any mold, discoloration, or liquid on the surface of your therapy dough, please – do not use the dough!

What should I do with contaminated dough, or if I'm just uncomfortable not knowing?

Please discard it immediately and send us an email at and include your name and shipping address, with the subject line “Therapy Dough Recall.”

We’ll send you a replacement set (packaged in tins we are sanitizing and testing ourselves) as soon as possible.

Even if your dough appears fine, if you're immunocompromised or just concerned about contamination -- please don't take any risks! Just let us know and we'll send you a replacement.

We are so incredibly sorry for anyone this affects. We know that our customers trust us to supply safe products, and the possibility of finding mold in a product is a serious breach of that trust. If you are affected by this, we are going to do everything in our power to make it right.

Your friends,
Tresa & Meredith