Questions About Canada and HavenTree Subscriptions

HavenTree currently ships to Canada for both individual purchases and subscription boxes. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies depending on the weight and dimensions of your order. Subscription boxes are usually about 33cm x 24cm x 10cm and weigh between 1.7 kg and 2.3 kg. Shipping averages about $25.00 (USD) for USPS Priority International , but varies depending on where in Canada you are located. 

If you are subscribing quarterly, your shipping cost will be shown at checkout and included each time your subscription renews.

If you are subscribing annually, your subscription will include a one-time international shipping fee of $15.00 to $20.00 (USD), based on your postal code. 

If you are concerned about the shipping rate quoted at checkout, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Will I have to pay customs fees? 

According to Canada Border Services, there is no tax or duty on items shipped from the United States to Canada as long as they are valued under $20.00 (CAD).

Fo any item valued over $20.00 (CAD), CBSA has the discretion to charge customs fees, duty, provincial taxes, and other import fees based on item value and country of origin. This does not mean they always do so. It is entirely at their discretion.

HavenTree Boxes cost $49.99 (USD) for subscription boxes and $54.00 (USD) for non-subscription boxes: they are valued at those amounts as a single item on all customs forms.  While collectively the items inside would retail for much more than that, the entire box is considered a single purchased item.

Customers and/or recipients are responsible for any customs charges and taxes required by their country's customs service.


How much will customs be?

We wish we could give you a single, predictable number. HavenTree has no control over when or if CBSA charges customs fees or the rate they choose to apply to a purchase.

Our customers tell us that they have received orders worth $60 (CAD) and not had to pay anything extra, while other have received items valued at $25 on which CBSA did assess taxes.  We've even had one Canadian subscriber be charged customs fees for a box while another customer was not charged for the same box shipped on the same day. 

How can I find out if I will be charged customs on an order from HavenTree?

Because we have no control over customs charges, the best thing to do is go to the folks who do -- the Canadian Border Services Agency.  

You can read more about CBSA's policies for importing goods into Canada for personal use here.

Will I receive the same items in my subscription box as HavenTree customers in other countries?

Generally? Yes. 

In rare instances, Canada’s import laws make it impossible or impractical to ship some items that are regulated differently, have unique labeling requirements, or are not approved to enter that country (food items and personal care items are the most common examples of this). In those cases, we will include a different item for our Canadian subscribers. 

What should I do if I feel I am being charged a customs fee incorrectly?

Contact CBSA and ask them about their appeals process. We are happy to provide you with information about the items in the box if CBSA needs that information to correct a customs judgment. 

Can you give me information about other customers' shipments who have not been charged customs fees to help with my appeal?

We'll help you however we can, but customer information is confidential. We can not share information about other customers' shipments.