The Practical Peshkir Turkish Hand Towel Set

  • $20.00

Made in Turkey for HavenTree, these genuine Turkish cotton peshkirs are durable and beautiful. Use them as dish towels, hand towels, gym towels, or placemats.

They fold up so small you can easily stash them in your bag, glove compartment, lunch box, or picnic basket.

Best of all? You don’t have to be precious with it or save it for special occasions! Get it dirty and wash it as often as you need. Turkish cotton becomes softer, fluffier, and more absorbent each time you wash it.

Turkish cotton is unique among cottons. Cotton grown in the Aegean region has an extra long fiber. That makes all the difference: when it’s spun into thread, Turkish cotton has fewer joins than other cotton—and that mean a stronger, smoother, and more luxurious feel. 

Each set includes two peshkirs made of 100% Turkish cotton with hand-tied tassels. Each towel measures 19.50×39 inches. (50×100 cm).

Ink is a dark navy with black undertones.
Creamsicle is a bright peach with white undertones.
Please be aware that the actual color may vary slightly from what is displayed on your screen.

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