Right This Way Diamond Puzzle

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Meet Bruce. Bruce likes warm sweaters, long naps, and calories he didn't have to cook himself. We're sure he's got a comfy corner and nice, hot cuppa waiting for you. If you ask nicely, he'll probably even let you borrow his flask to spike it!

Diamond Puzzles are a unique activity combining the beauty of mosaics with the ease of a paint by number.


 Our beautiful designs are carefully selected to have something for everyone -- both those who love intricate details and those who want predictability and simplicity.

Finding the symbols and matching them to the diamonds is a puzzle — and puzzles improve your cognition and neuroplasticity. Like knitting and other repetitive crafts, Diamond Puzzles can help your brain relax and experience meditative benefits.  

Placing the diamond is a satisfying tactile experience as the diamonds cling to the adhesive or fall into place with a pop. 

Completing the image can give you boosts of self esteem and create feelings of accomplishment — all with potential for dopamine hits for your brain each time you review your progress.

Finished design measures approximately 14 inches x 12 inches.
"Right This Way" is a HavenTree exclusive Diamond Puzzle design. 

Difficulty Rating: Very Advanced

Your kit includes:

  • 1 Diamond Puzzle canvas with symbol key
  • 1 Crafty Workout Diamond Puzzle instruction booklet
  • 1 Large cotton drawstring storage bag
  • Colored resin "diamonds" in coded packets
  • 1 Applicator
  • 1 Set of tweezers
  • 1 Wax square (for applicator pen)
  • Plastic zip bags for storing diamonds
  • Adhesive labels for marking zip bags

Each kit is designed to contain a 10% surplus diamonds for each color. 

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Customer Reviews

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