The Crafty Workout

Crafting and exercise have a lot in common. They lower blood pressure, improve dexterity, and help chronic pain. They lower stress, build community, and improve mood. They increase self esteem, improve neuroplasticity, and boost cognition. They can produce effects similar to meditation as you get lost in the flow of activity.

We want you to think of crafting as a workout; it’s something you do for yourself because you love how it feels; because you enjoy the benefits; because it makes you happy. 

To discover the exercises you benefit from the most, you need to experiment. You take a class, you try a new machine, until you find the activity that makes you want to keep coming back. And until you find the fit you’re looking for, you still benefit from the hunt.

If you have something to show off at the end of it, that’s great! But around here, we have a motto: