SR 109 Skin Care

A message from Meredith, creator of SR 109.

My family’s skin is complicated.

My husband and son have severe eczema. My daughter has an autoimmune rash that does not respond to medication and diet. I have an autoimmune disorder that makes me extremely susceptible to hangnail infections.

Add in severe (and often changing) allergies to soy, gluten, tree nuts, and a host of other plants — and we just couldn’t find products that were safe for everyone, affordable, & actually worked.

Desperate for help, I bought my first cosmetic formulation textbook seven years ago and started studying.

SR 109 products are the result of that research -- and a need for self care.

Meredith & her daughter, Lorelei

All Rights Reserved.

Many of the formulas were created at my kitchen table with my daughter sitting next to me. She was also desperate for tools to help her cope with a painful skin disorder, dermatitis herpetiformis, that often doesn't respond to medication or diet. As we blended and mixed, I taught her the benefits and limitations of each ingredient. We practiced recognizing her triggers and symptoms, and how to  adjust each formula to meet her needs.  I taught her that, armed with a scientific foundation, no one was better qualified to recognize and respond to her body's needs than her.  Having the right tools and the knowledge of how to adapt them is the root of all self care -- and it's turned her feelings of helplessness into empowerment. 

Tresa and I committed SR 109 to that principle:

Your skin has unique needs that can change daily, and YOU are the best person to recognize and respond to those needs. 

We select each ingredient and blend in the SR 109 line with that goal in mind.