Self Care Planner Notepad

  • $9.50

Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by that I forget to prioritize my own basic physical and emotional needs.

  • I’ll “forget” to shower for 5 days.
  • I’ll get so focused on preparing for a doctor appointment that I don’t notice the early warning signs of an anxiety attack.
  • I won’t remember to eat breakfast or take my medicine because I put all my energy into getting my kids out the door on a busy day. 

That’s why Tresa and I created the Self Care Planner. It’s a simple tool that helps me quickly think about what’s happening tomorrow — and mindfully identify what will help me physically, mentally, and emotionally get through it. Using it helps me be aware of my needs (and blind spots!), so I can take care of myself and minimize crashes.

It works for anyone, no matter what your circumstances or challenges. Just pull it out and let it help you work through your day.

The Self Care Planner Notepad can be used alone or with our other Scapegrace Stationery Notepads. When you’re looking at options for moving forward, you might pair it with the Adulting Notepad to plan how to make a change or do some research — or with the Difficult Problems Notepad to help you work through a stressful situation. 

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