Decompression Pen

  • $12.00

Better than a fidget spinner, this pen is a sanity-saver for anyone who feels the need to fidget or click their pen.

The pen itself is flexible and bendy --a perfect, silent alternative to pen clicking, skin picking, and other repetitive soothing behaviors. 

The top of the pen has a rotating, spinning disc for anyone who needs more repetitive movements to self-soothe. Use the magnets and spring accessory to discreetly fidget, or to create a finger loop that eases finger tension and aids those with grip issues.

A black gel insert is provided, but the pen is also compatible with any standard ink refill. The pen is still flexible and bendy, even with the ink refill inserted. 

The pen is sold two ways:

One set includes the Decompression Pen, a pen cap, and a gel ink refill. 

The second includes all of the above, as well as the magnetic accessories -- six fidget magnets and a spring accessory. 


Self care should be safe care. The Decompression Pen Set is designed for adults, but it looks like a toy to small children and animals. The pen itself does not pose a risk to kids, but magnets do! Small magnets are a choking and ingestion hazard for small children and animals, and ingesting magnets can cause life-threatening damage to internal organs. Please, please, please keep all magnets away from small children and animals. If you work with small children or have them in your home, keep your pen safely put away, or consider purchasing the pen-only option. If you have a set with magnets, please feel free to throw away your magnets if you are concerned about the risk!  Seek emergency care immediately if magnets are ingested.  

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