PRACTICALLY PERFECT K.Y.S.T. Felt Traveler's Notebook

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Practically Perfect items are beautiful and functional -- and contain minor imperfections. That may mean they have a small scratch, a loose thread, or are a slightly different size than our regular items. Personal care items may have torn or scratched labels. All Practically Perfect items are completely useable for their intended purpose. For a limited time, you can buy these slightly imperfect items for a deep discount.

These Practically Perfect Traveler's Notebooks may have small lines of pin-point holes still visible from the needle felting process (these can be brushed out with you fingernail and a little time, and in no way affect the function or integrity of the notebook). They may have slight irregularities on the edges, and may arrive in a cotton drawstring bag instead of a kraft gift box. 

This item comes with two notebook inserts.

A traveler’s notebook is a simple cover with elastic bands on the inside to hold notebooks, and another on the outside to hold it shut. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and price points.

We love them because they let you keep several different notebooks together. It’s easy to swap out individual notebooks when you fill them up or just need to carry a different one for the day. 

Here are different ways we use our traveler’s notebooks:

  • For journaling—gratitude, personal, therapeutic, or art.
  • For preparing for and taking notes during doctor’s visits and phone calls with the insurance company
  • Doodle books (check out our Scapegrace Doodle for Self Care insert!)
  • Making lists when brain fog makes it hard to remember our name, let alone the library books we need to return.
  • Planning and processing self care needs — from tracking moods and symptoms to planning for the day ahead (check out our Self Care Planner insert!)
  • Jotting down quotes that help us make it through the day, or funny things someone said.

 This notebook size is called “the personal size” in traveler’s notebook lingo. It will fit four notebooks that are 3.75 to 4 inches wide and 6.75 to 7 inches tall. It can also hold A6-size notebooks (though there will be extra space along the top and bottom).

You can even use your traveler’s notebook to hold thick, hardcover notebooks. Instead of using one elastic in the center of the insert, use two elastics. Just place one about 1/3 of the way through the book’s pages, and the second 1/3 from the back.

Your K.Y.S.T. notebook cover is made of 5mm poly-blend felt that is durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. Variation in the felting process makes each piece unique. You don’t have to be precious with it, and you can easily adapt it to meet your needs.  Your cover will soften with use, developing its own character.

That’s the whole point of our Keep Your Shit Together line. We make tools you can use every day to make it easy to take care of yourself and manage your self-care needs. We insist that those tools shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg, and experimenting to find what works for you shouldn’t be an expensive luxury. So every item in the HavenTree K.Y.S.T line is under $40, and most are under $20.