The Strong & Steady Aromatherapy Ring

  • $24.50

HavenTree's Aromatherapy Diffusers are so beautiful -- no one will realize you're carrying around your own self-care tool. 

Each adjustable ring set comes in a navy blue gift box with a gold-foiled vellum band, and includes:

  • a stainless steel diffuser locket ring
  • 8 felt diffuser pads in different colors
  • a 5 mL vial of orange essential oil
  • a booklet with the Philomela story and aromatherapy tips and tricks for self care

We're skeptics and big fans of science, so our take on aromatherapy is different from what you may have heard before. Aromatherapy isn't magic. It's just picking smells that help you and using them purposely. It could be wearing your aunt's favorite perfume on the anniversary of her death. Or smelling a bottle of dandruff shampoo at the store because it reminds you of your dad. Sometimes, it's using some grapefruit oil when you go to the doctor, because grapefruit smells like the opposite of a hospital.Aromatherapy is whatever works for YOU.

HavenTree donates 25% all profits from the sale of Philomela jewelry to Girls for Gender Equity New York, the non-profit home of the #MeToo movement and its founder, Tarana Burke. Since Spring 2018, we're grateful that you've helped us donate over $400 to support survivors.

 What makes HavenTree's aromatherapy lockets different from other versions sold online?
We have carefully vetted our manufacturers and tested item quality. 
We know our pieces are actually stainless steel and do not contain any unknown metals or alloys.  They will not tarnish or interact with perfumes, oils, alcohol-based scents, or other substances.
We triple inspect each piece for scratches, hinge strength, and latch security before accepting it. 
We test each product for weeks before deciding to carry it. These are pieces that we actually use in our daily lives. 

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