Practically Perfect Sampler Box

  • $35.00

We know that our community chooses HavenTree because you trust us, our rigorous quality testing, and high standards. But once in a while, we have a few items that are still in great shape but are slightly irregular, or have minor flaws. We hate waste, so we make these "practically perfect" items available to you at a deep discount for a limited time each month.

Here's how it works when you order The Purple Practically Perfect Sampler:

  1. Every other month, we curate as many boxes as possible with our practically perfect items.
  2. Each box has 7-10 of our best selling self care tools that are 100% safe and usable. You'll also get a specially edition of Cultivate (our self care magazine) and a discount code for 15% off individual items in the HavenTree shop.
  3. We seal up the boxes.
  4. You purchase a box during a Practically Perfect sale. Be sure to let us know if you have any food or scent allergies in your order note.* 
  5. We immediately pull a box for you at random and ship it to you (they're already packed, so they're ready tp ship immediately. Usually within a day or two).
  6. 1-3 days after you get your shipping notice, your big purple care package of Practically Perfect HavenTree goodies arrives on your doorstep.
  7. You open, explore, and enjoy!

It's that easy!

What do we mean by "slight imperfections?" That might mean that a notebook was cut slightly crooked, or that there is a small scratch on a necklace pendant. In some cases, items may have no imperfection at all! They simply become Practically Perfect because they're in old packaging that we've updated.  These are truly small details. In most cases, our customers tell us they wouldn't have noticed the imperfection if we hadn't pointed it out!

LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER. Because these boxes are already deeply discounted, shop codes aren't valid for these. 

These boxes are PACKED with items, so you can expect shipping within the United States to run between about $7 to $14, depending on your region.

These boxes go SO FAST, so don't wait to order yours. If we're between Practically Perfect sales, remember to sign up for restock notifications. You'll be the first to know when they're available again.

Please remember that these boxes are not customization beyond noting any allergies.

*While we can't absolutely guarantee that you will never receive something you are allergic to, we do take every possible precaution to avoid that happening. We live with many severe food, fragrance, and cosmetic allergies and sensitivities, so we know how hard it is to stay safe. That's why item with fragrance will always be clearly marked, and we never carry a product unless we can tell you every single ingredient in it,. We promise we'll never, ever send you anything with an ingredient list that says "spices" or natural fragrance" or anything like that. We also clearly mark our Practically Perfect Boxes so we know which ones contain fragrances/food/etc.

IF you have any questions, just shoot us a message at We love questions and we're happy to help!

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