How to Help Notepad

  • $9.50

It’s hard to ask for help. It’s hard to tell to people how to help when they offer. We designed this memo pad to make it easier to communicate when everything is just too much.  

The simple checklist lets you or someone you love explain the best ways to support and communicate during difficult times. Choose from options for the best times and ways to communicate, food, research, cleaning, housework, errands, and social contact.

A sampling of options include:

  • Food would be great, but only if it meets these dietary requirements:
  • Don't tidy up! People touching my stuff stresses me out. 
  • I need people to keep a little distance and let me take the lead.
  • I want to talk about anything else. Let's chat about something fun.
  • I want someone to text me once a day to check in.
  • Send me funny memes. Here are my favorite animals and fandoms:
  • Here is what I need more than anything else.
  • and many more options.

There's space to add more detail if you want, or just check the options that apply best to you. 

This is an perfect tool to help new parents, anyone caring for an ill loved one, military spouses, special needs families, widows and widowers, friends working through depressive episodes, and anyone dealing with a major life eventor any large or small crisis. These options work just as well for a bout with the flu as they do for a death in the family.

You can use the sheets yourself, or carry some with you so you’re ready when a friend is struggling. 

When you need to use a sheet, remember that your needs are unique. Support must be individualized to be helpful. You are not acting entitled, demanding, or inconsiderate when you thoughtfully ask for specific kinds of support from someone who wants to be there for you.

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