Good Night Sleep Mask - Seamless, Memory Foam, Adjustable

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We love this simple, lightweight-but-snug sleeping mask. After years of uncomfortable, slippery masks, it made us believers. Comes in a black drawstring storage bag.

Light triggers the brain’s natural wakefulness systems to engage. Sometimes we don’t realize how much light is affecting our sleep until we finally block it out. If you listen to podcasts, guided meditation, or other sounds to help you sleep, try using a mask to help your brain relax. It minimizes stimulation and distractions, which can help you rest even when you can’t actually sleep.
An eye mask can also be helpful if you get stressed watching the hours on the clock on restless nights, or you find yourself waking up before your alarm clock (this can often be caused by your body acclimating to morning light sensed through closed eyelids!).

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