Drinking Straw Travel Kit - Reusable & Disposable

  • $12.00

Straw bans dominated the news in 2018. While we care about the environment and decreasing single-use plastics, we know first-hand that plastic straw bans hurt disabled people -- because we’re both disabled and are caretakers for disabled children.

At HavenTree, we want to support the environment -- and people who can use alternative straws safely. But we also want to keep ourselves, our children, and all disabled people safe.

That’s why our straw kit is different. It contains
  • 2 bent metal straws
  • 2 straight metal straws
  • a cleaning brush
  • a washable carrying case
  • and 3 individually-wrapped, disposable, adjustable-neck plastic straws.

If you can use alternative straws -- GREAT! You have the tools you need to do that. And if you carry it with you, you’ll also be prepared to help anyone who can’t use alternative straws if plastic ones aren’t available.

Your friends,
Tresa & Meredith

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