Adulting Notepad (Things I Have To Do, But Don't Want To)

  • $9.50

Adulting is hard, and we all have to do things we don’t want to.  That's why we created an entire notepad of "Things I Have To Do - But Don't Want To."

On days when everything is too much, this notepad is designed to help you pause , laugh, and find a way forward. 

A checkbox section reminds you of boring self care tasks like getting dressed, eating a plant, and avoiding felonies. Larger sections give you plenty of room for writing "People to contact, grudgingly," "Task I can't avoid anymore," and "Places I have to go, reluctantly." There's also a section to record that "I ate a thing" in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and also track that you drank some water. 

Sometimes, when you’ve been avoiding tasks, just admitting you don’t want to do them can help you stop procrastinating and take the first steps. 

  • 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches
  • 25 sheets


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