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Philomela by HavenTree

The Greek myth of Philomela is thousands of years old. It has endless variations, but they all agree on a few points:

Philomela was assaulted by her brother-in-law.  Afterward, he threatened her, saying she should keep silent if she didn't want to be publicly shamed and ruined. Philomela refused.

As Ovid tells the story, she replied defiantly, “My self, abandon'd, and devoid of shame, Through the wide world your actions will proclaim.

Even when he cut out her tongue to keep her quiet, she still found a way to tell her sister the truth. Together they held him accountable.

Philomela was a woman who lived through physical and emotional trauma.
She refused to be silenced. And she fought to tell her story and live without shame. 

Philomela jewelry and metal goods are inspired by her story, and the stories of people in our lives. Each piece is a beautiful, tactile, and meaningful tool for self-expression and self care. The designs each tell a story -- and we hope they help you tell yours.

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