Nope Bracelet Set

Nope Bracelet Set

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Simple and beautiful enough to wear anywhere -- from the grocery store or an awkward family wedding -- these bracelets are engraved with a subtle reminder that "Nope" is a complete sentence. 

Use them to help you set boundaries like the self care badass you are, and keep saying "Nope." until they hear you.

The set includes two bracelets
a silver bracelet that says "Nope."
and a rose gold bracelet bracelet that reads, "A thousand times, nope." 

Made of stainless steel exclusively for HavenTree's Philomela jewelry line. 

Click here to learn how to ancient tale of Philomela inspires us and shapes our mission.

HavenTree donates a portion of all proceeds from the sale of Philomela jewelry to RAINN and other organizations that support survivors. 

Made in China

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