Peach Wood Comb

  • $8.00

 Who hasn’t been shocked by static electricity while combing their hair? It’s not fun — but it can be downright agonizing if your have sensory issues.

Unlike plastic combs, natural wood does not increase static electricity in your hair — especially during cold, dry winter months.

Your Peach Wood Comb arrives with a bonus satin carrying bag, so it's ready to go wherever you go. 

Benefits of Using a Peach Wood Comb

  • Reduces breakage.
  • Improves strength and shine by distributing oils evenly down your hair shaft. 
  • Natural wood absorbs conditioning hair products, and will continue to condition your hair with each use. 

To Care for Your Comb

For dry or average hair:
Once a week, run under warm (but not hot) water. Pat with a towel and let air dry.

For oily hair:
After each use, run under warm water and let air dry. Once a week, wash with gentle soap and warm water.

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