The Yeliz Turkish Towel

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Turkish cotton is unique among cottons. Cotton grown in the Aegean region has an extra long fiber. That makes all the difference: when it’s spun into thread, Turkish cotton has fewer joins than other cotton—and that mean a stronger, smoother, and more luxurious feel.  HavenTree's Turkish Towels are approximately 50% thicker than other Turkish towels. 

Your HavenTree Turkish Towel can be used as a blanket, a towel, a table cloth, an elegant scarf or wrap, and all-around multi-tool. You don’t have to be precious with it or save it for special occasions! Get it dirty and wash it as often as you need. Turkish cotton becomes softer, fluffier, and more absorbent each time you wash it.

The HavenTree Fall & Winter Collection includes the stunning Yeliz pattern -- a traditional Turkish design of vibrant interlocking diamonds on a creamy background.

We've used our Turkish towels as wraps on chilly evenings, scarves, picnic blankets, table cloths, a buffer between our butts and sun-baked car seats, and even emergency blankets for feverish kids during long waits at Urgent Care. They're a perfect gift, too.

The Guarantee

Many cheap items advertised as Turkish towels are actually made in India or China and are not really Turkish cotton. We guarantee that all of HavenTree's Yeliz Turkish Towels are authentic peshtemals. Each one is made in Turkey by a family-owned small business using the highest quality verified 100% Turkish cotton.  

The Dimensions

The Yeliz Turkish Towel measures  39 inches by 71 inches (100×180 cm)

If you'd like something larger, check out The Yeliz Turkish Cotton Blanket, which is large enough to top a queen- or king-size bed. 



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