3 Apps to Help You Use Your Phone For Self Care

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Woman with curly hair using her phone for self care appsMany of us live with our phones in our hands, always connected, reading every bit of bad news as it happens, comparing ourselves to what we see on Pinterest. But a phone is just a tool — and we can use it to take care of ourselves instead of letting it makes us anxious. Here are some simple ways you can use the power of your phone to improve your self care between news binges.

The Calm App  |  calm.com

Calm App Logo and image of Phone with the self care app

There are a lot of different apps promising help with mental and emotional health, and of all of them, Calm is our favorite. To unlock every feature there are subscription plans that can get pricey ($59.99 for an annual subscription), but the app comes so stuffed with free content you might never need more.

Soothing sleep stories that will talk you to sleep and turn your phone off when it’s done; music written to the specific tempo that will help you relax, sleep, or focus; and a whole bunch of guided meditations.

Of everything included, the one we keep going back to is the Breathe Bubble, an animated circle that guides you through deep breathing exercises, with different options so you can choose the breaths that work best for you.

Visit calm.com for more information.



The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art runs a text service that will send you a shot of fine art whenever you need something beautiful in your life.

Text a request like “send me beautiful” or “send me chocolate” to 572-51 and in moments you will receive an answer in the form of artwork from their collection, complete with citation.

Even emojis can inspire a selection! Discover new to you artists, learn about history and fine art, and take a break from the stress with something profound.


Meditation Studio app

For just the price of the app - $3.99 - you get access to so many different meditations you won’t have to repeat for months. And so many different teachers that you won’t be stuck with a voice that grates your nerves or an approach that you don’t like. The user interface is gorgeous and streamlined with options to select a meditation by the teacher, take a multi-session course, or search the collections by topic. The app also allows you to track your experience by logging the meditations you’ve completed and even allowing it to sync with your calendar and schedule your meditation time. Visit meditationstudioapp.com for more information.


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